Portfolio Requirements

Please note: We are no longer accepting portfolio submissions for the September 2019 intake. 

On this page you will find detailed information on what is required for the portfolio submission, along with tips and suggestions such as accepted samples of work. Please read this page very carefully before beginning your portfolio submission.Portfolios will be accepted starting in August with a final deadline of January 31 each year.

Required Information and Documents:

1. Letter of Intent
Tell us why you wish to apply to the Bachelor of Media Studies program. What are your interests in media studies? The written response must be submitted in PDF format and must not exceed 500 words.

2. Portfolio of Work
Compose a digital portfolio of examples of creative or artistic work, which illustrate your best work while showing the range of media you have explored. The portfolio may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • 3 to 5 images documenting artistic work
  • Links to no more than 3 short videos ( do not submit links that are password protected)
  • Blog posts
  • Web site designs (do not submit links that are password protected)
  • Writing samples in PDF format (creative writing, short stories)

3. Summary of Your Portfolio
Please write a short paragraph that summarizes your portfolio to show us your interest and strengths in your creative work, and how this portfolio is a reflection of you. Your summary must be submitted in PDF format, and must not exceed 300 words. It should also include title, medium and duration if applicable.

Please attach a single PDF  that contains all of the required pieces of the portfolio, OR a ZIP file of your work that contains your samples of creative work, summary of the portfolio and letter of intent.

*The file should include all of the required materials as indicated above.

Note: you MUST ensure that your file is not larger than 5MB. Images should be resized to a maximum of 160 dpi, and a maximum of 1000 px on the long side of the image.

Click HERE to submit your portfolio.